Aphasia NSW is an Australian Organisation based in New South Wales

Who is Aphasia NSW?  

Aphasia is a communication  

disability, usually caused by a stroke, that interferes with or prevents normal conversation. 

Loss of language skills has a profound effect on any individual’s life and the lives of their family and friends.






“Aphasia is a language problem that masks inherent competence and has its most dramatic impact on conversational interaction”


Prof A Kagan 

The Aphasia Institute, Toronto





What is Aphasia...

 Aphasia NSW was formed in Sydney, Australia in November 2011 by a group

of people sharing a passion for making life better for people with aphasia and their carers


Aphasia NSW is for people with aphasia, their families and their friends.

It is led by people with aphasia, their carers and speech pathologists who volunteer their time. 


Aphasia NSW aims to:


  •  Provide support for People with    Aphasia and their Families and    Carers.

  •  Provide a link to information and  resources in NSW for People with  Aphasia, and their Families and  Carers.

  •  Provide opportunities for People with  Aphasia, to socialise and meet peers.

  •  Raise awareness about aphasia, so  more people can understand how it

     affects people's lives.